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About us is a 100% Finnish online store that offers handmade responsibly produced Boho-inspired interior design products that are suitable for Scandinavian interior design with a Moroccan and oriental modern twist.  

I choose the products myself as well as the ones I produce and import them directly from the manufacturers, so I know the production methods of the products, the materials and the conditions of the employees of the companies, and thus I take care of ethically sustainable consumption. 

Boho Home originated, its first budding idea, on the way to Marrakech when I encountered the most beautiful products made by local artisans in their stalls in the heart of Souk. With my eyes shining, I admired the most beautiful pottery, the cutest blankets, and the soft leather grits. I only got a fraction with me and I was left wondering how nice it would be to be able to buy products closer and collect, for example, tableware little by little, because I think that handmade unique products create a layeredness and a unique atmosphere in the premises. Sure, Moroccan products have also seen in Finland but often imported only nahkaraheja dark, stuffy kuparilyhtyjä museums and other more suitable than the modern stuff skandikotiin, although Morocco also offers great modern design for young craftsmen and globalization.

Hand-knotted Moroccan rugs and Handira wedding blankets are like works of art that could be explored and watched endlessly and they also tell a beautiful story. The rugs are woven with stories from life and wedding blankets, which are made 100% by hand and can only be made by kind-hearted women of the bridal family so that the blanket protects the wedding couple and brings good luck. It can take up to years to make a single quilt. Each reflective sequin is tied individually and is meant to reflect from the devil’s eye and protect the wedding couple from bad energy. The bride gets a blanket on her wedding day and it is used as a bedspread and decoration.

Now, after a long search and a few distance I have found the right products and partners, and I can offer these super beautiful skilfully made from loving other products also delight because I believe that, like me timeless, unique and handmade exotic products, there are other loving and I want to make access to it easier for you; With all love.

Made with genuine skill and heart from genuine materials, Moroccan products are a sustainable and ethical choice that will last from one generation to the next. Each handmade object has a story to tell, they bring life to the interior and make the spaces attractive as well as interesting by creating depth and contrasts. We hope you enjoy exploring Boho Home products.
❤ With love Marika