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Order and delivery terms

1. Ordering and concluding a contract

1.1. Ordering is done by placing the order independently from the online store, by phone or e-mail.
1.2. When ordering, the customer must provide the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The shopping cart already shows the products and prices you want to order, an indication of the payment method and home delivery.
1.3. After the customer submits the order, the contract is made binding. Sending an order is considered a mutually binding agreement and cannot be changed unilaterally by either party. Both parties have undertaken to comply in all respects with the terms and conditions of the order and the agreement in force at the time of the agreement. After placing an order, the customer is deemed to have accepted the order and contract terms, product features, valid offers, delivery times and understood the content of images and product information such that the color of the product may differ somewhat in nature from the website.
1.4. Boho Home is committed to delivering the contracted product in accordance with applicable prices, features and order terms. Boho Home is obliged to notify the customer without delay in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act if the features or delivery times of the product have changed from those stated on the websites at the time of the contract. In this case, the customer also has the right to change the product or cancel the order.

2. Prices

2.1. Product prices are valid when published on the Boho Home website.
2.2. Prices include 24% VAT.
2.3. Product prices do not include shipping. A separate shipping price is displayed with each product purchased from the online store. The shipping fee is determined at the e-commerce checkout based on the total number of products and the delivery method.
2.4. Product prices may vary due to offers, promotions and other pricing issues. Each order will be processed in accordance with the prices, delivery times, product features and terms and conditions in force at the time the order is placed.

3. Delivery

3.1. Boho Home is committed to delivering the products to the customer within the stated delivery times. Boho Home is not responsible for delays that it is not involved in and cannot itself influence, such as production or other problems of the importer or factory.
3.2. Boho Home is obliged to notify the customer without delay of any changes related to the availability, delivery times or quality and characteristics of the product in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.
3.3. The home delivery of products to the customer is mainly handled by Posti. The carriers deliver the products within the delivery times valid at the time of ordering. The transport company usually contacts the customer before delivery. The consignment is delivered to the door of the apartment only if the service “transport to the door of the apartment” has been purchased for the product. When delivered to the yard, the transport company leaves the consignment in the immediate vicinity of the delivery truck.
3.4. Home delivery does not include money transfer.
3.5. In accordance with the Consumer Trade, Boho Home is responsible for the product if it is lost or broken upon delivery to the customer. If the product is damaged or lost in connection with the return, the customer is responsible for the product or the Transport Company responsible for the transport.
3.6. The customer is obliged to state the exact delivery address. Boho Home shall not be liable for any penalties or costs if the customer has provided incorrect address information or has not provided a changed delivery address in a timely manner or at all. At the stage when the Transport Company handling the transport has accepted the product for transport, the address information can no longer be changed.
3.7. When a customer purchases more than one product at a time, the products may arrive delivered separately. The principles of product liability and delivery are governed by Section 5.1. -5.6. in accordance with.
3.8. During transport, packages are sometimes torn or knocked. At the time of delivery of the product, the customer should check the appearance of the packaging. If there is significant external damage to the packaging, it must be checked in the presence of the driver whether the external damage has caused damage to the product itself at that point. The damage must be mentioned in the consignment note when the damage is discovered. Damage to the product must be reported immediately to Boho Home customer service, preferably by e-mail. The speed of notification depends on how quickly the customer gets the replacement product or part of the product replaced. However, damaged parts must be reported before the product is assembled.
3.9. If the customer has already received the product and notices the above-mentioned damage, the customer must immediately notify Boho Home customer service. In cases of doubt, if the customer has not reported the above-mentioned damage within the cancellation period, the damage may result in a loss to the customer.

4. Personal information

4.1. Customer data received in connection with registered orders is stored only for the Boho Home customer register. The register is for Boho Home customer service use only.
4.2. Boho Home will not pass on customer information without the customer's consent. The customer has the right to request Boho Home to remove his personal and contact information from the register without any specific reason.

5. Right of return

5.1. The customer has 14 days to get acquainted with the product. The right to a refund is calculated from the date of receipt of the goods. The right of return does not apply to special products whose dimensions or other characteristics deviate from normal product standards. Such products can be, for example, made-to-measure products.

5.2. Familiarization with the product is considered to be in the quantity and quality as if the customer were familiar with the product and its features when purchasing the product in the store.

5.3. The product must not be used during the inspection period.

6. Product Replacement and Return

  • The products have a 14-day right of exchange and return. The right to a refund is calculated from the date of receipt of the goods. However, the right of return does not apply to special products whose dimensions or other characteristics deviate from normal product standards. Such products include, for example, made-to-measure products and hygiene products.
  • The product must be unused, in good condition and packed in the original packaging.

If you want to return the product to be returned as a postal package

  1. Carefully pack the product in a marketable condition and in the original packaging.
  2. Include the reason for the return and your contact information and order number.
  3. Take the package to the post office and state the contract number. The post office prints an address card in the package where the correct return address is also automatically included.

If you want to return the product to be returned as freight or agree on a pick-up

  • Please contact our customer service before returning the goods. Customer service will provide instructions for returning the product.

Money back

  • When the products are returned to our warehouse, we check their condition and make a refund to Klarna.
  • The money will be returned immediately, however, no later than 14 working days after the product arrives in our warehouse.
  • We will refund the price of the products as well as the original delivery cost *. 
    (If only part of the products is returned from the order, the delivery cost will not be refunded. * = Delivery cost will not be refunded for the additional freight collection service.)

Returning products returned to the post office as a customer return

  • Customer return package maximum dimensions 300 x 120 x 60 cm, max 35 kg - return cost 7.90 € which is deducted from the total price of returned products.

Return of products returned by post

  • Return fee when the product is picked up from the yard 49 €
  • Return fee when the product is picked up from the apartment inside 89 €
  • Customer service orders pick-up from Posti and they agree with the customer on a more specific pick-up time.

If the product has lost its sales value, the customer is obliged to compensate for the difference between the product's selling price and impairment. In this case, we will refund the price paid for the product and its original delivery cost less the above-mentioned impairment and return costs. Impairment of the product is treated on a case-by-case basis.

7. Warranty

7.1 The customer must keep the order confirmation sent by Boho Home and the referral for ordering the product in order to fulfill the warranty condition.
7.2 Home Boho provide all products at least half a year according to the Consumer Protection Act, ie six months of receipt of the product warranty.
7.3. Longer warranty periods are mentioned separately for each product with a longer warranty. Suppliers are responsible for the quality of their products during the warranty period.

8. Complaints

  • Boho Home is responsible for ensuring that the customer receives the product in their home as new and in accordance with the contract. Package tears or crashes due to transport must be reported immediately to Boho Home Customer Service if they have caused damage to the product.
  • If a manufacturing defect occurs in the product during the six months in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, it is considered to have been present in the product at the time of purchase. In this case, Boho Home is responsible for repairing the product or delivering a replacement product to the customer. The customer must report a product defect to Boho Home customer service immediately upon noticing it. Boho Home will advise the customer on the follow-up in person.
  • Boho Home is not responsible
    1) Damage caused by misuse of the product
    2) Damage caused by the customer's negligence and misunderstanding, for example in cases related to product stacking
    3) Wear of the product caused by normal use of the product, such as the normal deformation of the mattress or sofa seat during use or the dimming of the lacquered surface of the product due to use.
    4) Normal wood quality behavior for such products. Complaints about these products are always handled on a case-by-case basis.

9. Other terms and responsibilities

9.1. Boho Home is not responsible for measurement errors made by the customer, in which case, for example, the parts of the corner divan do not fit inside the front door or long products cannot turn from the corners of the hall. Boho Home is also not liable for situations arising from the above, in which the product has had to be stored in such a condition, for example in the open air, that the product may have become unmarketable, for example due to wetting, even if in its original packaging. In such cases, we do not accept the return of the product, but we will send the product back at the customer's expense.
9.2. Cases and situations not mentioned in these terms and conditions are handled in accordance with Finnish law and the laws and rules on consumer trade.